• Do you Remember Sonar 7?
2019/01/13 17:47:34
I have put together a Retro Station with Windows XP and Sonar 7.
I would have used 8 or 8.5 but I skipped them as Win XP and Sonar 7 were so buggy it drove me nuts.
But nostalgia has won out and I have a pretty stable system with them right now.
I used the original Sonar 7 disk, so I don't have any updates, if there were any.
Were there any?  Does anyone remember?
edit: I found them.  7.0.1 , 7.0.2 , and Hotfix 7.0.3
Will try them out.  They are still available in the Knowledge base, thank goodness.
2019/01/13 17:54:57
I was in the middle of a band's demo project when due to covetousness of a new update I upgraded mid-mix down.
I was so mad and so stupid to do so.
It's a memorable event in my family.
Ask my wife about the day Ron upgraded to Sonar 7.0.....................................
2019/01/14 18:45:15
I missed 7, went straight from 6.2.1 to 8
2019/01/14 19:13:33
Jimbo 88
I have a laptop from 1994 with 20 megs for a hard drive and has Cake 3.1.  I fired it up last week and it worked! PRV was something I did not even think about then, just used event list to edit everything.
2019/01/14 19:35:27
Cactus Music
My first version was Called Guitar Studio that a Roland rep gave me when I was a dealer for them. I knew my Atari was soon to die so I took the plunge to PC.  That's the time I joined this forum. My first post was asking why my audio tracks were out of sync to my midi tracks. Up until then I had used a MD8 and it synced with my Atari just fine. I was all excited about being able to now record audio along side the midi inside the box. It took a year to sort that out.
Few years later my son who had become a first class Buccaneer gave me Sonar 6 and then latter Sonar 7. I used Sonar 7 for a few years.  It certainly did as much as I needed at the time. I later bought 8.5 second hand from a friend for $100 ( ya I know now that that was a little shady)  and skipped everything until  I got a free copy of X1LE which I never used but it got me the upgrade to X3e studio for $100. Total investment at that point $200. not bad. 
But then I fell for the SPlat deals and here we are now free.
2019/01/14 22:24:31
Great memories.
I was able to install Atmosphere 1 AND eventually the 1.2 update on the Retromeister.  During that headache I remembered why I abandoned computers for two years, and just played hardware.  Now, for some reason, on an old Dell Dimension and an HP Compaq Laptop (both free which I repaired) everything is running smooth as silk.  Granted, I know more now than I did then.  And the upside is I like Atmosphere better than Omnisphere now.  Iwas so simple to use.  None of those Bells and Whistles.
Managed to also install the Korg Legacy Collection, which now is an insane process.  Took me a week to figure it out.
And the old hardware...wasting away in a storage closet, is all being used.  Every bit of it.  It has been a thrilling project. 
2019/01/15 15:36:14
SONAR 7 was my first DAW. I used the instruments but recorded with Roland VS-2480.
2019/01/15 17:31:09
I had nearly every version of Sonar, but I skipped 7 (and 5) for some reason.  I had Sonar 1-4, 6, 8, 8.5, X1-3, and Platinum.
I still have 8.5 installed on a 32-bit Pentium 4 Dell laptop running Windows XP.  I can boot it up if nostalgia ever strikes me.  
2019/01/15 18:03:43
The great thing is having a couple old machines that have Project 5 and Kinetic on them.  Plus my old UA-100 and Super MPU64, and my Kore 2 Controller and those soundpacks. 
2019/01/16 20:51:35
michael diemer
Still have a working version of Home Studio 2002 on a Windows 98 machine. Fired it up last night to hear the great sounds of the Edirol VSC. Contemplating buying the updated version.
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