• Graphic display issues... I think...
2019/01/15 18:21:46
I recently started using a plug-in, Auto Align  by Sound Radix.
This is probably not a popular plug-in for Cakewalk since it is used almost exclusively for aligning out of phase drums tracks, but it is marvelous for that purpose.
However, it seems to be a/ the factor in numerous crashes I've been having lately.
The screens start flashing and rotating randomly between track view, console view and plug-ins, either followed by a crash dump, an automatic reboot, or manual reboot.
I have a similar problem with Waves plugins showing up with blank user interfaces.
I've tried Disc Cleanup, Disc Defragment and reboots but the problem persists.
I think there was something else that can be done but I can't remember.
Any ideas?
2019/01/15 20:29:21
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2019/01/15 21:21:22
If you haven't already, download and install the latest drivers for your graphics card from the manufacturer's site. 
If that doesn't help, check the support/knowledge base for the plugin.  Some plugins have their own quirks, and there might be a known setting or workaround that can get you up and running.
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