• Thanks for letting me share my time with Cakewalk
2019/01/16 21:14:49
Jeff Evans
I guess it is the end of an era for me anyway.  I started with Sonar producer back in 2008 I think.  Got involved with Roland Australia at the time helping them sell V Studio 700 systems.  Sonar for me was an amazing trip away from the room full of synth hardware I had collected (which I guess I should have kept it all!) into the software transition.  With Dimension Pro plus Z3ta+ and Rapture I was able to make a huge amount of music.  It fostered the art of buying third party plugins etc.. Got me right into that line of thinking.
I transitioned over to Studio One around 2010 or so and stopped using Sonar as my main DAW.  But I contributed a lot of info and healthy discussion on many topics such as gain staging and K System, A/B testing etc . An amazing community here at the time and I learned much from being involved with the Cakewalk forum.  There are some great people here such as Craig Anderton and many other very knowledgable friendly and welcoming people. 
I am still with Studio One as many may know and also in the process of forming a Tangerine Dream type of ensemble and having to learn Ableton as well in order to do it. It is the only way, so that is something interesting to look forward to. 
I wish everyone well with their continued involvement with Cakewalk and Bandlab etc.. Glad to see it still surviving and staying alive.
Keep on making music as they say. It will be what saves the world in the end I am sure of it. 
2019/01/16 21:46:03
Thank you for all of your helpful information over the years, Jeff. You helped a lot of people, including me. Would like to see you over on the new forum, if possible.
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