message on startup 'Sonarplt has stopped working'

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2018/01/04 11:59:05 (permalink)

message on startup 'Sonarplt has stopped working'

I have been using Soanr Platinum for a few years. Often I would get the message 'sonarplt.exe has stopped working' almost immediately when trying to start the program. Sometimes after a couple of attempts, it would work, or running as administrator would be successful. 
Now however, I cannot get the program to run at all. I have checked the audio drivers and they are up to date, plus Sonar is also up to date. I am running windows 7, and the audio interface is a Focusrite Saffire pro 14.
Has anybody else experienced this problem? This is a bit concerning as Cakewalk is now closing - where do we go from here? Have used cakewalk since the 80s
Thanks for any help

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    Re: message on startup 'Sonarplt has stopped working' 2018/01/05 22:47:47 (permalink)
    1) always run as administrator
    2) likely a plugin. Try safe mode (shift while starting the program) to load plugins selectively to determine which one(s) is/are the problems. Start by removing the 32 bit plugins first of all.

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    Re: message on startup 'Sonarplt has stopped working' 2018/02/01 03:05:33 (permalink)
    I have had the identical problem, only instead on a new CPU with Win 10 and Sonar X3 Producer.  It will crash immediately upon attempting to load, and installing the program with primary functions alone (minus plugins) has not mitigated this issue.  
    I have completely (regedit, etc.) uninstalled and reinstalled about 6 times so far.  I've extracted the files and placed them all in a folder to load the install .exe directly. I've run it in as administrator, I've run it in safe mode.  I've applied the updates, I've prayed to unholy gods.  It will not run.  
    I made the mistake of purchasing and registering Sonar Producer X3 instead of Sonar Platinum, yes.
    There were no warnings on the box or the disc sleeves stating X3 would be incompatible with Win 10 64bit.  I know others have gotten to work using several methods of chicanery, but these methods have not helped me.  At this point I'm hoping Cakewalk will do the right thing, which is to release this license and allow me to pay the difference of $150 for a Platinum download.  I will attempt to call customer service tomorrow, but from what I've read here on the forum, chances are slim to none that I'll reach someone. 
    I'd really like to begin writing music again, as it's one of the few things in my life that brings me joy.  I hope the OP and I see a brighter day very soon.
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    Re: message on startup 'Sonarplt has stopped working' 2018/02/01 03:08:38 (permalink)
    Make sure windows update is fully up to date. Run it several times. As you are running Windows 7 it's more critical. Always back up.

    It's better to avoid running as administrator (unless it helps you register a plugin as a one time operation), there are various reg hacks that can help you succeed in this if you run into permissions issues.

    And yeah plugins cause crashes, you can remove them one by one to find the problem plugin.
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