meter/tempo changes

willard cottrell
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2018/09/29 23:44:46 (permalink)

meter/tempo changes

I am working on a composition that is initially in a variety of meter changes 6/4, 4/4, 3/4.  The quarter note stays constant  - quarter ='s 96.  Then it changes to 2/2 where the half note ='s 72.  I don't understand how to change from the quarter designation to the half and change the tempo.
Any help appreciated.

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    Re: meter/tempo changes 2018/09/30 12:44:59 (permalink)
    Go to project>insert meter/key change, and project>insert tempo change, add the changes at the required bar/measure in the piece. That's how I'd do it anyway.


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    Re: meter/tempo changes 2018/09/30 16:17:37 (permalink)
    James has you covered on changing the meter. For purposes of setting tempo, a 'beat' in SONAR is always a quarter. So for 2/2 at a half=72, you will need to set a tempo of 144 in the 2/2 section.

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    Re: meter/tempo changes 2018/11/07 23:30:46 (permalink)
    Hi! I have a similar situation, as I recently recorded a singer playing guitar and dragged the whole song to time ruler for ARA tempo extraction. Despite it did a good job, the tempo is half of what it should be. In other words, the metronome sounds more like 4/2 instead of 4/4 (the current time signature). 
    However if I set time signature to 8/8 metronome will mark tempo fine, but I'd like it to be in 4/4.
    Is there a way I could keep the tempo map and make metronome mark as written above?


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