my mouse keeps dissapearing in Sonar

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2017/08/27 07:10:12 (permalink)

my mouse keeps dissapearing in Sonar

My mouse keeps disappearing while using Sonar Professional for the past few months. have to save and reopen sonar.. any Ideas what causing and how to fix..  the tab button works, and the mouse works everywhere in windows else except in Sonar. i have remove, deleted files an re-install
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    Re: my mouse keeps dissapearing in Sonar 2017/08/27 15:53:54 (permalink)
    That kind of cursor problem usually means that the application (Sonar) and the video driver have different ideas about how the cursor works. If updating/reinstalling your video driver doesn't fix it, you'll probably have to go through Cakewalk support.

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    Re: my mouse keeps dissapearing in Sonar 2017/08/27 16:53:54 (permalink)
    Try a different mouse. I had issues with Logitech mice.
    If its wireless, Try a new battery. Sometimes it can even be related to a wireless keyboard.

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    Re: my mouse keeps dissapearing in Sonar 2017/08/28 12:50:10 (permalink)
    My cursor disappears if I insert the Gater Style Dial and try to turn the knob BEFORE turning Gater on. I recently figured out that if I turn on the Gater with its power button then my cursor does NOT disappear when I adjust the Gater. When it did disappear I had to precariously find "save" (fortunately whatever the invisible cursor was hovering over still changed appearance on hover) and shut down then re-open Sonar.
     Do you know precisely when you lose your cursor or does it seem random?
    edit: I just tried to duplicate this on my home machine but it instances Gater in the "on" state. I am 99% sure it is instanced in the "off" state at my studio (ok 50% sure). I couldn't get the cursor to disappear with Gater here at home where my comp is much more modest than at the studio (rig in sig is studio). I can make it disappear at the studio repeatably.

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    Re: my mouse keeps dissapearing in Sonar 2017/08/28 15:43:04 (permalink)
    I have noticed that some GUI issues are related to available RAM.  Like knobs disappearing, cursor issues, etc.  Not to say your system doesn't have enough RAM but am saying that somewhere in your system there could be a memory leak whose application can eat more Ram, little by little.
    I haven't had this issue in quite awhile (I do have 32 GB, now).
    Just a thought.

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