newbie knows nothing about mixing in sonar 6 at all help help help help !!!!!!

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2009/09/23 13:58:05 (permalink)

newbie knows nothing about mixing in sonar 6 at all help help help help !!!!!!

iam currently running the sonar LE software on my PC with a USB mic used for the recording i have recorded tracks but the thing is when it comes to the mixing i know absolutlety nothing at all the only thing i know is that the console view is where you go to mix but i dont have any idea as if i have to mix my vocals seperately from the instrumental on which i recorded my vocals over or do i just mix the whole thing at once by adjusting volumes. i have read tutorials where they mention while mixing they turn up the drums and guitars but in my console view i dont see where i would go to turn a drum or guitar up the only thing shows in my console view is track 1 2 3 4 5 MASTER BUS and Output and Iam guessing why the tracks are so many is because i did loop recording to store the tracks in seperate takes but i have seen a pciture of the console view where each track was assigned a seperate title example vocals drums bass i guess i must be doing something wrong here as you can tell iam totally clueless i really would appreciate all the help

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    Re:newbie knows nothing about mixing in sonar 6 at all help help help help !!!!!! 2009/09/23 15:32:17 (permalink)
    If you record your voice over an instrumental you really mix much more than your voice (you can effect some balance with a multiband compressor but if you're a n00b I'd advice against that, leave the multiband alone until you are comfortable with a normal compressor). The instrumental is already mixed by the producer/beatmaker and if it don't sound good as it is you need to get another beat to start with.

    For your voice listen if it's even in volume. If it's not either ride the fader to even it out or apply a compressor. If it sounds dull try adding a little high eq, if it's muddy or boomy try removing some low to low mid. You can start out with presets and see where they take you to learn but as you evolve you'll see that no preset matches everything since every sound and mix is unique. Also try adding just a little reverb or delay and see what it does, if it sound good keep it and if it don't bin it.

    About the tutorials telling you to raise the drums and guitar they must be crap tutorials... Before raising or lowering anything listen to your track a lot of times and to tracks you like a lot. Does your drums seem like they dissapear in the mix then raise them, if they overpower everything maybe they should be lowered (if your working with a mix that is).

    Hope that helps a little. Also what you really should do is read the Sonar manual to learn more about the program (hit F1 to bring it up).

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    Re:newbie knows nothing about mixing in sonar 6 at all help help help help !!!!!! 2009/09/24 09:07:30 (permalink)
    I elect not to use loop recording.... I use punch (in/out) recording to create a track..... if I mess up, I punch in and out to fix it.... that way, I have all my stuff in ONE track for a given instrument.

    It makes it easier for me to do it this way.

    In console view, the screen looks like a mixer.... use the mouse to drag the fader up or down to adjust the volume. If you can't get a track up loud enough in the mix...bring the others down and turn up the amp that controls the speakers you are listening to. 

    There is a Sonar LE forum where other users of LE can help you....and see your posts..... maybe.

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