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2017/03/08 17:03:32 (permalink)

pro channel question in relation to master bus compression

hej guys, hope this is the right place to post pretty new to the forum...ok i see that pro channel is by default post fader, which if i understand when used on a track or bus will be affected by the fader, as opposed to pre fader?, so just of late i am learning about master bus compression, i put a compressor (waves ssl g) in the fx bin of my master bus so as i understand it the signal(s) hitting that bus get compressed pre fader?..but if i use pro channel instead and use as compressor there it will be post fader meaning the more i turn up the fader the harder i hit the compressor? of course i can just go pre fader on prochannel that option is there...but if i understand correctly pre fader would be more desirable?
any thoughts boys or girls
regards Peter
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Re: pro channel question in relation to master bus compression 2017/03/08 17:56:22 (permalink)
Generally, you would put the compression (etc.) pre-fader on busses.  That way you are mixing into them, which is the point.  You want the individual tracks hitting and driving the compressor and still have buss vol control for setting levels relative to your other busses.  Same for the master buss - tho it is the combination of buss outs and track outs that then drive the comp.  Or that is how I do it, tho I seldom put a comp on the master buss.  
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Re: pro channel question in relation to master bus compression 2017/03/08 20:34:12 (permalink) ☄ Helpfulby ESharpe 2017/03/17 20:24:41
The Pro-Channel pre or post setting puts it pre or post the channel/bus fx bin, not the fader. The Pro-Channel is always pre-fader.

Sends can be pre or post fader (default to pre), but not the PC.

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