"Escaping Light"

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2018/11/27 12:58:58 (permalink)

"Escaping Light"

Been a while since I've been able to share music but here's a track I'm quite satisfied with. Trailer/Epic format, goes from small to big.

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    Re: "Escaping Light" 2018/11/27 14:54:27 (permalink)
    This is some great cinematic action here! Nice track. Fits the video well.

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    Re: "Escaping Light" 2018/11/27 14:59:03 (permalink)
    Has all the hallmarks of a Cinema epic, there does seem to be a little bass rumble/resonance/overhang when I listen here on the Adams. 

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    Re: "Escaping Light" 2018/11/27 18:43:12 (permalink)
    Sounded fantastically epic on the headphones. Very nice mix/production!

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    Re: "Escaping Light" 2018/11/29 08:13:46 (permalink)
    Hi, Tapsa,
    This is a very powerful cinematic piece with a clean, punchy, fresh sounding mix, that would work really well as part of a film soundtrack!
    Excellent piece of music and great production, thanks for sharing.
    Best Wishes,
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    Re: "Escaping Light" 2018/11/30 02:21:07 (permalink)
    Oh yeah, I really like this. Mix is great -- clear and spacious, but intense, with lots of nice little details. Enjoyed it a lot. 

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    Re: "Escaping Light" 2018/11/30 02:36:32 (permalink)
    At first I thought I was watching a YouTube ad promoting a movie.  Sounds great, like sitting in a theater.
    Definitely epic.

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    Re: "Escaping Light" 2018/12/02 18:39:30 (permalink)
    Definitely epic + cinematic.
    An enjoyable listen.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Good Job!
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    Re: "Escaping Light" 2018/12/02 21:27:41 (permalink)
    This sounds like it was a labour of love, really beautiful soundstage and sounds good on my laptop speakers (even better on headphones). Nice one with a big thumbs up.

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    Re: "Escaping Light" 2018/12/03 15:06:47 (permalink)
    Epic! When does the film come out? ;)
    One crit. I don't like the pumping bass at 1:37 - disturbs the strings too much and gets messy with the pounding drums. 
    Have you ever dipped your foot in HitRecord.org? They'd probably love you to get involved in some of their projects.

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