"Export Audio" grayed out

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RE: "Export Audio" grayed out 2006/10/29 18:42:20 (permalink)

And Brzilian, you're not "fighting for consumer rights." You're fighting for a free hand-out. Nobody forced you to buy this product. The beauty of free enterprise is that you can do what you like with what you have. If you don't like Cakewalk, you can buy Cubase (which you said you did). You were able to make that choice because of the consumer rights that you haven't had to fight for. What you don't get is the justification to criticize the services of a company you refuse to support!
And don't knock big corporations. Most employ thousands of people, who by being employed, have the ability to buy things to better their lives: HomeStudio, a house, a sofa, medical insurance, a beer...
Think of everyone that works for a large corporation - if they weren't employed, they may have to rob you to survive. How would you feel then?

ps. You don't actually consider Cakewalk a "big corporation," do you???

Have you been living under a rock? Do you not realize that there are no choices as you claim?

Yes, I swiched to Cubase only to find that they are just as bad as Cakewalk. Their product is far from bug free and rather than fix existing versions, they subject users to new versions which add even more bugs (case and point Cubase 4 - just read through their forums). On top of that, their hardware dongles make life even harder for the paying customers while the users using Syncrosoft cracks grow. If I loose my USB key, I have to pay full price for a new one even though I already own the media and am a registered user. How does that make sense? Where is my choice as a consumer in this scenario? All choices are a loosing proposition for end users.

Have you not read any of the coverage of the impending release of Vista? Do you not know what you will be subjected to even as an owner of a legitimate copy. MS will actually limit the number of installations you can perform on the same computer.

Since the release of XP in 2001, I have reformatted my computer a dozen times due to XP's performance degradation because of the demanding apps I use for a living. According to Vista's new EULA, I would run out of of installation instances in approximately 2 years.

How about Tivo? With the advent of broadcast flags, content distributors can restrict how long you can keep a recorded show on your DVR's HD. If that doesn't fit with your schedule, you're SOL.

Do you know anything about Net neutrality? You should, because sooner than later ISPs will restrict what you can and cannot do with your Internet connection to the point where prices will soar and service will suffer (wait, that implies we get service now - what was I thinking!).

Yes, I consider Cakewalk a big corporation. They have proven to be no better than the next company. The way I see it, Sonar 6 is no more than a service pack release to Sonar 5, yet they turned it in to a new "full fledged" product that requires you to willingly open up your pocket.

My experience to date in the "corporate world" has taught me valuable lessons. There is no such thing as the greater good - its all about greed and my needs over the needs of the "company". All I see on a daily basis is people being taken advantage of and being thrown out the door when they are not needed to the year's sales goal not being reached. I was laid off for those same exact reasons even though my contributions in terms of generated revenue far exceeded my yearly salary by a factor of 100.

Slugbaby, try living outside of your socialist safety net (also known as Canada) to see what the real world is like.

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RE: "Export Audio" grayed out 2006/10/29 18:56:51 (permalink)
OK, I'll spell it out. I think this thread has actually been because of election tensions. Blues and Reds lining up to duke it out again. Every little issue brings it all to the fore. Meanwhile, the country slides into a hole while we argue about it.

ANd by the way, the supposedly offending words were finally pointed out to me in a private email. "Jackass."--OH Myyyyyy--did I say that again? And "S.O.B."---Saints On Board? Oh, and I was told the phrase "self righteous" is offensive, because Christians can feel it's being condescending about them.--!---OOookay, well, guess if the shoe fits.

Can we PLEase get back to the music now??


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RE: "Export Audio" grayed out 2006/10/29 19:17:01 (permalink)
The funniest thing about all this is the increasingly irrelevant thread title - 'Export Audio grayed out'.
Who woulda thunk it?

I dunno if it is Blues & Reds, Randy, -
Ain't the Reds supposed to be agin any sort of government interference with their private property?
Ain't the blues supposed to be for MORE regulation?
Or did this confused alien get it all wrong again?

Actually I can see both points of view-

the EUL agreement is an onerous piece of worthless BS, that is only signed under duress
once you've signed your name to it, you should abide by it, otherwise civilisation as we know it is doomed.

And that's the state of play folks, tune in later for more.


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RE: "Export Audio" grayed out 2006/10/29 19:25:34 (permalink)
hehehe, you're right--the thread subject line looks Way innocent now.

I probably shouldn't say more--Let's just say that SOme people down here want MOre "Big Brother" while some others know we already have him, and want to get rid of him!

Regardless of if there are any overt political undertones to this thread's discussion, I think the country is tense right now, and tempers flare up Fast when you discuss anything more earth shaking then what's for breakfast. Everyone knows we've blown it big time with the world--There are two choices, to try and fix things, or plunge ahead with yet more bravado as if we actually have good intentions.

Um--like I said--I shouldn't say more.


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RE: "Export Audio" grayed out 2006/10/29 22:19:54 (permalink)
What does that have to do with violating a software copyright? That was a red herring argument if I ever heard one.

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RE: "Export Audio" grayed out 2006/10/30 00:38:38 (permalink)
I wasn't going to bite......................................... But what the heck I'll keep it short.

rbowser.........................Please pull your head out.....your making my as@*?$..... sore...........

You have your political views on who's doin what to who completely Wacked.

............. Semi intellegent self serving reply not necessary.......

and .......... Beagles not doing the flaming........... you are.

Brazilian ...............go back to Cubase or your flavor of the week you've never offered up any good info anyway.

For the record I'm with Beagle and Slug .

At the very least I learned something on this thread................never mind .

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