PYRO 5 and Windows 7

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2010/02/05 16:43:27 (permalink)

PYRO 5 and Windows 7

I have Windows 7 with 64 bit installed on my machine.  I installed PYRO 5 fine with no warnings or issues.  After the requested restart, I double clicked on the shortcut on my desktop to start the program.  After doing so, nothing happened.  I tried it again and I get a Window saying that "Cakewalk Pyro is already running", but it does not show up at all. 
I looked at the support page for Pyro 5 to see if there was an update for Vista, thinking that it may give me a better chance at working with Windows 7, but nothing was available.  I have tried using it in compatiblity mode with Windows 2000, Xp SP 2 and SP3.  But I get the same result.  An option with Windows 7 would have been to use Windows XP mode, but I cant as my machine's processor does not support VT.
Is it suppose to work with Windows Vista/7 64 Bit?  If not, what is the best alternative to use that can provide the same features of Pyro 5 and yet be compatible with Windows 7?

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    Re:PYRO 5 and Windows 7 2010/02/09 19:14:01 (permalink)
    The best resource to check compatibility for both hardware and software is available at the Microsoft Windows 7 Compatibility Center located at the following link:
    Microsoft Windows Client Team
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    Re:PYRO 5 and Windows 7 2010/02/18 09:00:19 (permalink)
    Pyro 5 is not supported in win 7. I lost the use of mine also. Whether they will offer a fix is uncertain.

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    Re:PYRO 5 and Windows 7 2010/02/18 17:47:23 (permalink)
    I had exactly the same problem when I bought a new computer.  I solved it by upgrading from Windows 7 Home Premium to Windows 7 Professional and running Windows 7 in Virtual Machine - XP Mode.  The Windows 7 upgrade cost me $97, but I couldn't find anything from Cakewalk or anywhere else that did the same thing, with the degree of user satisfaction that Pyro 5 has. I contacted Cakewalk support, and they said Pyro 5 is not compatible with Windows 7.
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    Re:PYRO 5 and Windows 7 2010/02/28 21:59:05 (permalink)
    Had the same problem on Windows 7 32-bit version.  Sorry to hear that they won't be upgrading it to work with Windows 7.
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