How to import midi files in Sonar 8

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2009/12/04 16:46:06 (permalink)

How to import midi files in Sonar 8

Good afternoon everyone:
This may sound like a simple minded question but I am new to Sonar (or at least haven't used it so far) and can't find it in the user guide or on these pages: how do I open or import a general midi file into Sonar 8 Studio? The 'import' function seems to be grayed out (this is after starting a new project, using the 'normal' template).

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    Re:How to import midi files in Sonar 8 2009/12/04 17:28:05 (permalink)

    You can use file>open to open a midi file or you can insert a midi track in a project, select it, and then use file>import>midi.

    Importing uses the project's tempo whereas opening uses the midi file's tempo.

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    Re:How to import midi files in Sonar 8 2009/12/04 17:29:54 (permalink)
    Also you can drag and drop a midi file from the Loop Explorer view.

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    Re:How to import midi files in Sonar 8 2009/12/04 20:29:24 (permalink)
    You can also right click on the midi file and  goto "open with" and select Sonar. If Sonar is not there, the select "Choose Program" and direct to C:\Program Files\Cakewalk\SONAR 8 Producer Edition or whatever version your using.

    Opening a midi file this way will enable all the information contained within that midi file. Tempo, key, markers, time signiture changes and other information will be there. Importing midi won't do this TMK.

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    Re:How to import midi files in Sonar 8 2009/12/05 02:17:31 (permalink)
    Another consideration:

    MIDI Type 0 and Type 1 files contain the same data but display it differently.

    When opened in SONAR:
    MIDI type 0 display all data in one track;
    MIDI type 1 display all data on their seperate tracks according to instrument settings.
    Track number usually coincides with MIDI channel according to the GM (General MIDI)standard.
    Channel 10 usually contains the drum track

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