D-Pro clean VSTi ONLY install.

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2010/07/17 06:17:22 (permalink)

D-Pro clean VSTi ONLY install.

Originally posted in the Coffee House forum but I thought it may be more helpful here.  So apologies for the double post.  The article assumes that Dim Pro is already installed and in use on your system.

Great, Dim Pro got updated to V1.5.

As you will know by now DXi is not longer supported. The old DXi version stays there though after the install so that should help those with old projects including the DXi, but then that means there are 2 versions of the same plug on the system which could get confusing and I didn't want that.

Therefore if you don't want to keep the old DXi then here's a method to get a clean v1.5x VSTi only install but maintains any custom patches and add-on sounds.

1/ In order to get rid of the old version dxi references you have to uninstall it first (yes you could use regsvr to de-register, but we want a proper fresh install here right?). 'Back up' the original sounds by renaming your existing 'multisamples' folder here so the contents don't get uninstalled too. (multisamples_temp will be fine)

2/ If you have already run the update it will have removed the un-installer so you will have to re-run the original DVD installer first in order to uninstall successfully.  The trick to save time is to copy the original installer from the DVD to your desktop and run it from there (after ejecting the original DVD) so it doesn't take ages re-installing and unpacking the sample files again.

3/ If you didn't install the update already or have followed step 2 select remove from 'Add/Remove Programs' in control panel to get rid of the original install.

4/ Rename the 'multisamples_temp' folder you named in Step one back to it's original 'multisamples' name.  If you can't rename because you performed Step 2 and the installer created a new mulitisamples folder delete that folder before renaming the backup folder to it original name.

5/ Do a fresh install using the original DVD installer copied to the Desktop, make sure you select your original Cakewalk\Vstplugins folder here even if you have other folders for plug-ins set-up, otherwise Sonar will not recognize the VSTi dll, select ONLY the VSTi option, enter serial number if required and when it asks point it to the location of your multisamples folder.

If your original Dim Pro is lower than version 1.2 you will have to update it to at least that version first again selecting ONLY the VSTi plug-in.

6/ Run the v1.5 update.

Voila! If you did it correctly you should now have a clean 1.5 install with no older v1.2 DXi references and any additional patches or DP add ons you had before will still be there.

Of course if you have old projects that include the DXi version of DP you will then have to convert them to the new VSTi only version of the synth.

Tested on XP Pro x32 using default Sonar 8.5.3 and Dim Pro install, there may be issues with subsequent installs of some expansion packs on Vista and W7  see kb2007013168 for more info .

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    Cheers JB

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