What are your "go to" plugins?

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2011/02/15 22:05:50 (permalink)

What are your "go to" plugins?

Hi all, it's been a little while since we've had a thread like this so I thought I'd start one and see what everyone is using?

What are your go to plugins for:    ?

Distortion / FX


Right now for me, I'd say

EQ : UAD Massive Passive, Izotope Alloy, Sonitus EQ, Pro Channel EQ, IK Pultec
Dynamics : UAD 4K Bus comp, UAD Fatso, Pro Channel Comp, IK Fairchild 670
Limiter : Ozone 4
Delay : UAD EP-34, Sonitus Delay
Reverb: UAD EMT 250, UAD EMT 140, 2C -Aether
Distortion / FX : Guitar Rig 4, Izotope Spectron
Synth: Omnisphere, Rapture, Komplete 7 (the synths in there) 
Drums/Percussion: Addictive Drums, Battery 3
Other: Trilian, NI's The Finger,

How about you guys?

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    Re:What are your "go to" plugins? 2011/02/16 02:34:26 (permalink)
    EQ : IK Pultec, Sonimus, Nomad British NEQ-1972, LP64 (Pro Channel on the rise as well)
    Compressor: Cytomic the Glue, Rocket, Major Tom, IK Fairchild 670 and Opto (Pro Channel on the rise as well)
    De-esser: VX64
    Gate: BIAS GateEx
    Limiter : IK Brickwall, IK Classic Clipper, Spectraphy LE
    Delay : Sonitus Delay, NastyDLA, GS-201, arcDev ET-301, WatKat
    Reverb: Perfect Space, IK CSR, (starting to use NI Reflektor and it might become a go-to)
    Distortion / FX : Amplitube 3 with Ampeg and Fender (sometimes GR4)
    Saturation: Ferox, Ferric TDS, TL64


    Synth: z3ta+, AAS UA-1, Komplete 7 (the synths in there), Moog Modular V
    Sampler/rompler: Kontakt 4, Independence Pro 3.0, Dimension Pro (and to a lesser extent Sample Tank XT-libraries)
    Guitar: RealGuitar/Strat/LPC (but not always, they are go-to's though, starting to use Indiginus more as well)
    Drums/Percussion: Battery 3, large collection of one shot samples, Session Drummer 3, SS EXD
    Bass: Majestic, Skarbee

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    Sadly very reduced studio equipment as it is... ASUS G750J, 8 gb RAM, Win8, Roland Quad Capture.
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    Re:What are your "go to" plugins? 2011/02/16 07:38:07 (permalink)
    My Go To plugs list is smaller:

    FX TYPE PLUGS: These end up in almost every project I write.
    Ozone 4 .......................................     Isotope
    Studioverb2...................................     Cakewalk
    ParametricQ ..................................    Cakewalk
    Sheppi spacial enhancer...............   (not sure w/o looking)
    Melodyne Editor............................    Celemony  used and removed after the bounce.

    Kontakt 4
    JAMSTIX running some BATTERY 3 kits

    use these synths on occasion, but less often:

    That's actually about all I use on a regular basis. I have more but most collect digital dust.

    I know what works and that is what I use and stick with.
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    MC4/5/6/X1e.c, on a Custom DAW   
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    Re:What are your "go to" plugins? 2011/02/16 10:57:48 (permalink)
    EQ : UAD - Massive Passive, Neve 1073 & 1081, Helios and Pultec Pro; IK Pultec; Pro Channel EQ 
    Dynamics : UAD - 1176, LA2A, Neve 33609, Fatso Sr., Precision Multiband
    Limiter : IK T-RackS 3 Brickwall Limiter
      Delay : UAD - Roland RE-201, Cooper TimeCube, DM1-L
    Reverb: UAD EMT 140; IK CSR; Perfectspace ; [EDIT:] Just now downloading the new SSL Duende Native X-Verb (a reward for being in the beta test) [EDIT]
    Distortion: NI Guitar Rig 3; various IK AmpliTube's
    Other: PSP - Mixpack2, Nitro, N20; NI Reaktor; UAD - Roland Dimension D, Moog Filter

    Synths/Sounds: Sonicprojects OP-X Pro-II; MTron Pro; NI Komplete 5; Arturia Moog Modular
    Drums/Percussion: Kitcore, Battery 3
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    Re:What are your "go to" plugins? 2011/02/16 11:13:41 (permalink)
    Mine haven't changed that much - I love ProChannel and am starting to use that most of the time.  Otherwise:

    EQ:  mostly PC for channel, nomad's stuff for thick, Voxengo's curve EQ for mastering, Sonitus for clean.

    Comps:  a lot of PC, nomad's for la2A style, Elephant limiter for mastering, TC dsp

    Reverb/delay:  nomads, Perfect space, studio verb for track

    distortion/sat - analog

    synths:  alchemy, Rapt/DimPro, Komplexer for about 90%.  Ironhead and Session Drummer for, you guessed it, drums.


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    Re:What are your "go to" plugins? 2011/02/16 12:49:58 (permalink)
    waves C1 and L1

    sonitus compressor, reverb, delay to a lesser degree.

    i'm trying to simplify my chain.

    a good external preamp, compressor, and maybe eq, is really all you need for pure tracking.

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    Re:What are your "go to" plugins? 2011/02/16 13:37:42 (permalink)
    My list keeps getting shorter and shorter. It's pretty much down to these now:

    Channel Tools (nearly every stereo track)
    Ozone 3 and 4 (3 for the exciter only)
    FabFilter Pro-Q (on everything)
    Kjaerhus Classic Compressor (vocal leveling)
    Sonitus Compressor (everything else)
    Sonitus Multiband (mostly on vocals)
    Sonitus Delay (leads)
    Perfect Space (vocals only)
    StudioVerb2 (everything else)
    TT Dynamic Range Meter (last plugin on every project)

    These account for 98% of the plugins I use, not counting built-in effects in soft synths.

    I have eliminated far more effects over the last 5 years than I have added. Better to know a few plugins really, really well than to randomly bounce around a huge collection hoping to find the right one with the right settings by accident.

    All else is in doubt, so this is the truth I cling to. 

    My Stuff
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    Re:What are your "go to" plugins? 2011/02/16 15:00:19 (permalink)
    I have a real short list
    Guitars: Pod Farm, GR3, Shred from Acme Bar Gig
    Reverb: Studio Verb 2, Classic Reverb, Perfect Space on busses (Vocal and Master)
    Compression : Alloy on most tracks, Ozone 4 on master but not added to mix down, added after mix down
    Eq: Alloy, Sonitis
    Delay: Clasic Delay
    Modulation: Classic Flange, Classic Chourus, Classic Phaser
    Limiter: Boost 11, Classic Limiter
    I am a big fan of the Classic Bundle and have also started looking into the Modern Bundle. I have found a couple of compressors that I like and some eq's as well but I have not used them enough to call them by name as I am still experimenting.

    Sonar Platimum, Win10 32bit, Quad Q6600,4G DDR2 Ram, BCF2000, Lexicon Lambda interface,Tascam US 1800, WD 500 GB HD, M-Audio AV40 Monitors, Line 6 DI Gold, Guitar Rig 5 Pro, hand full of guitars, Kawia PH50 Keyboard,Digitech GNX3
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    Re:What are your "go to" plugins? 2011/02/16 17:55:55 (permalink)
    Clean EQ:  Sonitus EQ
    Coloured EQ:  UAD Pultec Pro
    Limiter:  UAD 1176LN
    Mix Limiter:  Voxengo Elephant
    Delay:  UAD DM-1, Sonitus Delay
    Reverb:  UAD DreamVerb, 2C Aether
    Plate Reverb:  UAD EMT 140
    Distortion/FX: IK AmpliTube2, UAD Nigel
    Synth:  Rapture
    Drums/Percussion:  NI Battery 3
    Organ:  NI B4II, GSi VB3
    Orchestral: IK Philharmonik
    Piano:  Dim Pro
    Elec Piano:  GSi MrRay or MrTramp
    Other Instruments: Dim Pro, IK SampleTank
    Meter:  Voxengo SPAN

    SonarPlatinum( + Mixbus32C(4.3.19) + DigitalPerformer(9.5.1) + Reaper(5.77)
    Audient:iD22|KRK:VXT6|+outboard-gear|+guitars+bass, etc.
    Having fun at work lately
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    Re:What are your "go to" plugins? 2011/02/16 18:06:57 (permalink)
    EQ = Sonitus
    Dynamics = G-Sonique: Twisthead VS-206

    Limiter = Waves L2/L3
    Delay = sonitus / gtr3 stomp box delay
    = Lexicon / Oxford reverb
    Distortion / FX = GTR3 stomp boxes
    Synth = Absynth 3.0
    Drums/Percussion = Superior Drummer/Stylus RMX



    Windows - some Dual Core CPU - a little bit of RAM - not so bad soundcard - i think it's called Sonar - a silver mixer with colorful knobs - black speaker monitors - my ears

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    Re:What are your "go to" plugins? 2011/02/16 20:27:06 (permalink)
    waves ren comp
    sonitus eq
    waves delay
    verb r-verb, perfect space
    waves L2

    ASUS P8P67, i7-2600K, CORSAIR 16GB, HIS 5450, 3 Samsung SSD 850, Win7 64, RME AIO.
    Glyn Barnes
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    Re:What are your "go to" plugins? 2011/02/17 00:32:44 (permalink)
    I am not totally decided on my go tos and still on a learning curve with respect effects.
    I tend to go to Sonitus first, then either Kjaerhus or the free Blue Cat stuff. The Yellow Tools Independence Pro effects can aslo be uses as VSTs in their own right and I find these useful too.
    Reverb - Oragami (as bundled with Yellowtools Independence) or Perfect Space.
    Amp sims - Amplitube 3 and to a lesser extent Guitar Rig 4 essentials.
    Samplers - Kontakt and Independence Pro.
    Some specific goto libraries.
    • Bass - Scarbee pre and jay basses and Yellow Tools Majestic, backed up with Lyrical Distortion's basses.
    • Organ - Native Instruments Vintage organs
    • e Piano - Scarbee A300, Hollow Sun CP70
    • Acoustic Guitar -Indiginus AGC
    • Electric Guitar - Orange Tree Evolution Strawberry (this has ousted Real strat as the go to.)
    • Sax - Yellow Tools Majestic
    • Strings - Kirk Hunter pop and rock strings taking over from the KHSO strings in Independence.
    • Synth Strings and Mellotron. Hollow Sun "Prog Pack" and MTRON pro.
    Piano - True Pianos.
    Synths - Minimonsta, Pentagon, Triangle.
    Drums - Superior Drummer, EZ Drummer.
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    Intel i7 3770K @4.4GHz, 32GB RAM, 240GB SSD System disk, 2 x 2TB and 1 x 1TB (with SSD Cache) HDD. Windows 10,  Sonar Platinum. Roland Quad Capture. 
    Music - Switchwater on Soundclick
    Music - Goldry Bluszco on Soundcloud
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    Re:What are your "go to" plugins? 2011/02/17 16:04:35 (permalink)
    As far as gotos are concerned these probably form the basis.  Although I have no shame in using whatever I fancy using to get the job done.  Sometimes you can spend hours trying to get the right sound for a particular job from a specific plug when trying an alternative can work like instant magic.  There is no substitute for knowing exactly what you have in your arsenal and a thorough knowledge of what they do.  Having said that my plug in count per project is probably very low.

    Channel Strips: UAD 4K, CS1, Nasty VCS
    EQ : Sonitus EQ, UAD A-Range, Stillwell 1973
    Dynamics : (any one or two from) UAD 4K Bus comp, UAD Precision Bus Comp, Bootsy Density MkII, Stillwell Rocket, Ferric TDS, Sonitus Comp and Multiband.
    Limiter : UAD 1176, UAD LA2A
    Delay : Sonitus Delay, UAD DM-1
    Reverb: Studioverb II, UAD EX-1
    Distortion / FX : Camel Crusher
    Other: UAD Little Labs IBP, and the Kjearhaus Classics, I love 'em.

    Synths: Most synths and sounds for me can be engineered in Reason 4 which I use rewired into Sonar.

    Drums/Percussion: Various Custom Samples using NN-XT's mapped to Reason's RDK format or Reason's Redrum modules.

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    Re:What are your "go to" plugins? 2011/02/18 15:55:35 (permalink)
    You guys have a lot more expensive and good plugins at your disposal but here are my general go to ones in case anyone is interested.
    I'm using the ProChannel a lot actually, really like it.

    EQ - DMG Audio EQuality

    Dynamics - Stillwell The Rocket

    Limiter - Stillwell Event Horizon, G Limiter (really simple, free limiter)

    Delay - Kjaerhouse Audio Classic Delay (again free but perform admirably, tape delay emulation is good!)

    Reverb - Overloud Breverb, Kjaerhouse Audio Classic Reverb

    Distortion / FX - A variety of freebies, some incredible such as the BTE Audio stuff.

    Synth - Liking the Cakewalk stuff with X1, Dimension Pro seems great.

    Drums/Percussion - Superior Drummer 2
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    Re:What are your "go to" plugins? 2011/02/20 23:20:52 (permalink)
    I bounce around on other stuff, but my one "always" is Voxengo SPAN in the Master Bus.

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    Re:What are your "go to" plugins? 2011/02/21 20:38:13 (permalink)
    Mostly I stick with the bundled plugins.

    EQ - Sonitus or Nyquist, plus Rubberfilter for steep high/low passes (384dB per octave should be enough for anyone...)
    Dynamics - Sonitus or Kjaerhus Classic Compressor as track inserts. Voxengo Voxformer on vox (naturally enough...) Sonitus Multiband and Density Mk 2 on master bus.
    Limiter - Voxengo Elephant
    Delay - not settled on one good one yet, but Bionic Delay and Echomania seem decent enough
    Reverb - Perfect Space or Lexicon
    Distortion / FX - Any number of modelled guitar effects: eg. TSE 808 for overdrive, or Red Skull for extreme distortion
    Synth - Rapture, Dimension Pro, Absynth 5
    Drums/Percussion - Superior Drummer 2

    Sonar Platinum (Newburyport) / Win 8.1 64bit / Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 / Absynth / Kontakt / Play / Superior Drummer 2 / ESP LTD guitar / etc
    Twilight's Embrace - gothic/death metal | Other works - instrumental/soundtracks
    Kalle Rantaaho
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    Re:What are your "go to" plugins? 2011/02/22 02:58:20 (permalink)
    About 80-90% of my use:

    Kjaerhus Classic Series (esp. Delay and comp.)
    Voxengo Span
    Sonitus stuff included in SONAR (esp. EQ, comp. and multib. comp.)
    Perfect Space

    Melodyne Plugin
    Addictive Drums

    Plus: Playing with the dozens of quite good FX and synths found on the Computer Music Magazine cover DVD. There are FX and synths with different approach and no crap. It's a very good learning set for an amateur. Some of the stuff is really good IMO.

    SONAR PE 8.5.3, Asus P5B, 2,4 Ghz Dual Core, 4 Gb RAM, GF 7300, EMU 1820, Bluetube Pre  -  Kontakt4, Ozone, Addictive Drums, PSP Mixpack2, Melda Creative Pack, Melodyne Plugin etc.
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    Re:What are your "go to" plugins? 2011/02/22 09:52:42 (permalink)
    Pretty much the Sonitus EQ and Reverb that comes with Sonar.

    Slow Marching Band

    Win 7 x64, Sonar X1E x64, Studio One v2, Focusrite Saffire 24 DSP Pro, Genelec 8030a, True Systems P-Solo, Focusrite ISA One, FMR RNP, GAP-73. 

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    Re:What are your "go to" plugins? 2011/12/12 11:08:51 (permalink)
    Oh man, i found this thread in my studies and couldn't resist participating (resusitating) on a 'GO TO' thread... hear goze..

    EQ               Voxengo Overtone GEQ (vocals, acoustic guitar) (free): Karma EQ for overall mix(free) : Posihfopit all around gem (free)

    Dynamics     Stillwell ROCKET vocals, guitars, drums:  PSP mix pack2 for bass

    Limiter         What's that?  (i hate being limited)

    Delay           Classic (free), Echolive nice ping-pong retro (free)    

    Reverb         Epicverb (free) vocals, drums: Anwida BGV and effects(free)

    Distortion / FX   On guitar amps (I'm always looking for new) i use Free Amp 3 (free), Amplitude....(I tried the POD stuff and was not impressed.)  Am going to try going through a real amp as this is a sore spot; CamelCrusher vocals (free); PSP mixpack2 Saturation ; 

    Synth      Sampletank piano, synths, sax...Best freebie ever: Stringtheory (free):...Cakewalk Instruments Center (with X1)

    Drums/Percussion   Jamstix 2 (outstanding product with stellar support) 

    Other   T-Racks for 'mastering' flourishing (eq, comp, limiting -rarely):  French, Italian or Spanish red (helps round out the sound and hides a lot of otherwise glaring mistakes.)

    That was fun...thanks :)
    edit: spelling
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    Re:What are your "go to" plugins? 2011/12/12 15:46:03 (permalink)
    Lots of IK Multimedia love in this thread, thanks for the support guys! :D
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