Sonar X1 and Roland Quad Capture

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2011/08/04 11:30:22 (permalink)

Sonar X1 and Roland Quad Capture

Yesterday I received my new quad Capture..
 I will add that I have no technical experience with such matters , I am just simply stating what I hear and see..

Ok lets start : 
 The device is bussed powered , it fairly small , very light weight ( not sure if thats a good thing , I noticed it sliding everywhere on my desk, Not biggie ) . It seems to be built fairly good. Time will tell..
 insanely easy.. read the instructions , no brainer there.

Sound output: 
 The main outs are considerably lower than my tascam fw 1884 , I had to pump up my monitors 3 db more to achieve the same output.. And considerably lower than the octo capture I returned 2 months ago.. and alot lower than the Mackie Blackjack . Which seemed to be the loudest of all , Returned that asap because of pops and clicks..

 This is my main reason for buying this card although my tascam sounds nice , I get pops clicks and pause's when my projects start to get full, The quad capture is flawless in playback, Sonar has never been so smooth for me. 

Headphone out:
 Wow I can't believe how low the headphone outs are, Thank God I have Headphone Amp/splitter. with that I have no problems monitoring in my headphones.

Converters / Auto Sense :
 super simple ,But when I used the auto sense feature I had to lower either the input or output as with the standard settings I hear noise , something I was surprise to hear at about -10db , Thats was about the highest I can hit before noise was introduced. Although you don't hear the noise within the mix but soloing it you can hear it, A little adjustment manually to the input or output did the job.

The price point is well worth it alone . $270.00 for a clean playback and no jerking or pops or pauses , I couldn't be any happier. A louder output would be better for both the main outs and headphone outs. The pre's are nothing to brag about, the auto sense feature although nice but seemed not to work for me as I liked it to.. 
 To bad the Mackie Blackjack has ****ty drivers, Out of the three interfaces I have/had the mackie seemed the cleanest and loudest, headphone outs rocked too..But playback was the issue with pops and noises..

 So the quad capture is my choice . The octo was infinitely better but I returned that for the Roland Gaia instead. just cause my tascam at the time didn't work and then when I got the octo , CW came out with a hot fix for the tascam which seemed to fix my problems , and now months later I been getting pauses in playback so I decided to give the cheaper bother a try as I dont need multiple ins with the Octo. The Quad is a perfect solution for my needs right now.. 

Computer - Intel Q9550, Intel BX48bt2 MB, W8 64 bit. 8 gb Ram, SSD  
Hardware - Tascam Fw1884 Control surface only, Ni S49 Komplete Kontroll,Roland Quad Capture, Ni Machine,Kore, Focusrite A/D converter, Blue Mic, Roland Gaia, Akai Mpk49, Yamaha HS80 Monitors.
Software - Sonar Platinum , Vengeance VPS bundle,Sugar Bytes Effectrix, Turnado, NI Komplete 10 Ultimate, Dune, Rob Papen  Blade , Delay, Punch Evolved. 

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