getting the sounds of Korg M50 in SONAR X1 producer

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2011/08/16 09:49:43 (permalink)

getting the sounds of Korg M50 in SONAR X1 producer


I have new M50 with SONAR X1 producer. I bought wavestation legacy cell and I can use these beautiful sounds. I tried to use the sounds of M50 but I did not succeed.

I tried with M50 editor software dll but SONAR was not able to upload or get the sounds of the M50 as he is able with the sounds of wavestation legacy cell.

Thank you for help!

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    Re:getting the sounds of Korg M50 in SONAR X1 producer 2011/08/16 10:21:19 (permalink)
    Hate to be the bearer of bad news....but I have had an m50 for over a year and STILL can not find a way to make the VST editor work in Sonar.  Please let me know if you figure it out.

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    Re:getting the sounds of Korg M50 in SONAR X1 producer 2011/08/17 14:56:19 (permalink)
    I have an M50 as well, and I can use the VST editor fine. I guess it of course depends what it is you want to do.
    To make sure we understand each other, the connection between the PC and the M50 is MIDI only, and as such does not carry any sound. If you want sound, you need to connect to the inputs of your audio interface. As long as that is clear, we're on to something :)

    Then I have installed the latest version of the M50 editor (1.1.0), and I have also installed the latest version of the Korg drivers (I think V1.13, but I'm not sure). I also "installed" the driver for the M50. I have to admit, getting the Korg stuff to work correctly, confuses me too.
    With "installed", I mean, once you have installed the driver, there will be a program called "Korg Midi Driver Setup Utility". Start this, and select your M50, then click install. What this does is actually configure the driver for windows. Without it, it is not really connected.

    For the M50 editor, install the VST version in a folder so Sonar can find them (the default folder should do fine)
    I have noticed that the best way to make everything work before you configure it in Sonar, is to also install the standalone version. Start that one, and let it sync with the M50. If all is installed correctly, it should work perfectly. To make subsequent starts a bit faster, I go to Utility-save and save it as DefaultNew.M50all. When that is done, I go to the global page, and choose utility - select auto load file, then the file I saved. It increases the speed of the connection a lot.

    Then, to get it to work in Sonar...
    I must tell you first, that I don't use the keyboard of the M50. I haven't gotten that to work correctly yet in combination with the Editor. I have a small UMX-250 and a MM8 that I use the keyboard from. If you want that, it will not (always) work.
    Once Sonar is started (I use the x64 version), go to preferences, and make sure that the M50 midi devices are NOT selected. (so, they cannot be used directly without the editor)
    Then, insert the M50 editor via the synth rack.
    On the insert synth options, I choose only First Synth Output on the left side, and choose to open the window "synth property page". I leave the rest as it is, and press ok. (I tried setting the Midi output, but that doesn't seem to work 100% - YMMV)
    It should make a connection to the M50 at that time, and sync all. Again there, I go to the global page, and select the auto load file that I created earlier.
    Now, to get it to respond to Sonar, you need to put it in the SEQ mode. You can then, on the play page, set the different instruments you want for each channel. You could play with other modes as well, but remember you can only use one M50 Editor at the same time... So, you cannot use a second instance. Which is why the modes COMBI or SEQ are the most useful, and I found the SEQ the easiest to use.

    Then, to actually have the instrument respond...
    Create a midi track, set the input to whatever keyboard you use (or you can of course use the PVR or Step sequencer). Set the Output to your M50 plug in (it should be there in your list). Then, set the channel box to the channel of the instrument you want.
    You can do the same again for other instruments, just change the channel on the midi track, and voila! You can use the Korg as you want.

    Hopefully this helps someone... I don't know much more though... I am a beginner, reading the Sonar manual, and trying to get my head around the M50 editor...
    I've also played without the M50 Editor. But, I haven't figured out fully on how to switch instruments using the MIDI instrument definition files. I have found an .ins file, but I can't get it to work 100% yet. If I have some more time, I'll try and figure out that one as well.
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    Re:getting the sounds of Korg M50 in SONAR X1 producer 2011/08/17 15:19:59 (permalink)
    Just curious - why don't you guys use Sonar's Instrument Definitions for the M50?  Isn't that what the facility is there for?  The M50 is a workstation and I have a Roland Fantom X6 synth/workstation.  It too has an Editor, but that really is the long way around and not as easy to use as settings things up permanently in the Instrument Definitions.  I have all my patches set up in the Instrument Definitions in Sonar and can dial them in/audition them by name on each MIDI track.  If you've already found an .ins file then you're almost there, that's the way to go.


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    Re:getting the sounds of Korg M50 in SONAR X1 producer 2011/08/17 15:42:02 (permalink)
    Yes, I tried that too, but the editor has much more capabilities... It's quite easy to set effects and such and so on. And, it saves with your project, which is handy, as it sets up your M50 as you left it...
    However, I also tried with the instrument definitions. I have an ins file, but it is not working correctly, and I haven't figured out how to change banks. I don't seem to find it in the midi implementation guide, or the parameter guide of the M50. Plus, as you can change your sounds in the M50, I haven't found an easy way to reflect that change. With the Editor, I can just save it as a preset, and load it later on. Maybe when I get further down the manuals (both sonar and the M50 - one is 1800 pages and the other 580...) I might find it better.
    Unfortunatly, it's either the instrument definitions, or the editor, as for the instrument definitions, you need to assign the midi device to it. If you use the editor, you cannot have sonar use the midi devices or the editor doesn't work. So, the midi device to assign the definitions to, is not available.  a bit of a catch 22...
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    Re:getting the sounds of Korg M50 in SONAR X1 producer 2012/07/10 15:15:57 (permalink)
    I´m new to the forum and from germany, so I hope you will understand my english. I worked with sonar and the VS-100 quite a few months and since yesterday, I have also an KORG M50 (second hand) and after some ours I found the way to make the plugin work as it should. So you can play with the M50 and you can record the MIDI-Data to a MIDI-Track.

    Of course, it is possible to work with the INS-File (instrument definitions), but with the plugin it is more comfortable. So here is the way how to make the plugin work.
    First, all drivers have to be installed correctly, of course. Then I don't know, but it only works for me with ASIO-Drivers, so if you are working with WDM, you have to switch to ASIO. After that, just start or open a project and create an instrument-track with the M50-editor. Now, very important, you have to check in the dialouge the option "MIDI-Output activate" (in german it is called MIDI-Ausgabe aktivieren). If you do that, you can select in the Midi-Track the M50-Editor as the input-source. I don't know how to activate this option after inserting a software synthesizer. Do you know?
    In the M50-Editor, you have to go to Global, Software Setup, and there you have to check the option "Send M50's Midi Out Data ..." - it is on the right side. For Midi In and Midi Out you have to choose the M50 of course.

    Then go to Global, Midi and check the "Local control on", so you can hear what you play and for the MIDI-Clock the external USB. So the control is taken by Sonar. The best is to run the editor in sequencer-mode. That's all.

    Now you should play with the M50 through the editor and record your MIDI-Data to a Midi-track. Finally, you have to route the channels as you want.
    I hope everything is right, just try or ask me.
    Kind regards from germany,
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    Re:getting the sounds of Korg M50 in SONAR X1 producer 2012/07/10 15:28:24 (permalink)
    I tried with M50 editor software dll but SONAR was not able to upload or get the sounds of the M50 as he is able with the sounds of wavestation legacy cell.

    That's right because the Wavestation Legacy Cell is a softsynth and the M50 is a real synth. Two completely different things. To hear the sounds of the M50 you can trigger them from a MIDI track in Sonar and record the output of the M50 on an audio track in Sonar. 

    If the INS file for the M50 is setup right, you should be able to change the banks right in the MIDI track. The bank field is right next to the patch field in the MIDI track header. I have a Korg Wavestation EX keyboard, N1R module and an 05R/W modules and that's how I control them either by playing a MIDI track or my keyboard controller. You have to setup the INS file in Sonar properly for it to work. The bad news is that Korg manuals are very difficult to understand. 

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