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2012/02/17 19:02:22 (permalink)

Another novice with novice questions.

Hello, new to the forum. New to Cakewalk, but excited over my recent purchase of a VS 100.

I'm a long time musician who is new to the home studio thing, so I'm learning as I go.

So, any help would be appreciated..

I'm running Windows Vista (64 bit), and am in essence, having trouble with the interface between the vs 100 and my laptop. I have downloaded and updated the drivers, but have been un-able to get the version of cakewalk included in the software for the vs 100 to "show up" on my laptop. The files from the software dvd are there, but I'm confused as to how I actually begin running the software, to the point where I can start mic'ing things and recording some tracks. Ignorantly, I assumed a desktop icon would be automatically created after I installed and updated the drivers as well as the production pack, etc, that would allow me to begin using the software on my laptop via the vs 100 hardware. Thus far I've gone as far as installing everything up to page 20 of the manual, where it says:

"1. Power up the SONAR V-STUDIO 100 hardware.

2. The first time you run SONAR, the following message appears: "SONAR VS will now personalize your setting by copying..." Click [OK]"

I power up the hardware (the usb is connected) and nothing happens, I hear the tone that indicates plug and play hardware has been detected, but no program pops up and I am not able run SONAR, so the message that is supposed to appear after I turn on the the vs100 (indicated with nuber "2" above) does not appear. I get nothing beyond the "duh-dun" noise that my laptop recognizes that I've plugged something in to it. 

Does anyone know what I need to do? I am drawing a blank on where to go next as the instructions are pretty vague. As you can probably tell, I'm semi clueless and could use a little guidance on this. Any and all help would be very, very much appreciated! 
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Re:Another novice with novice questions. 2012/02/18 01:09:48 (permalink) ☄ Helpful
Hello fridgebuzz, welcome to Cake forum. If the software has been installed onto you computer, then I think a desktop icon should be there. Otherwise, click the Windows icon at the lower left corner of your screen then look for SONAR and open it from there. The software doesn't come on when you power up the VStudio.
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Re:Another novice with novice questions. 2012/02/18 08:06:37 (permalink) ☄ Helpful
You said you installed the production pack, but - did you install Sonar VS?
Sonar VS is yet another install - found on the same disk as the production pack. It appears as if it is a separate install folder on the disk. 
I use X1 so I have never installed this Sonar VS software, but just loaded up the disks so I could see what is happening.
What is very strange is that the auto start (on my machine) is only starting the Production Pack, but NOT the Sonar VS software - which is what you will need. I actually had to drill down on the disk to the "SONAR VS" Folder and click that SETUP.EXE file to invoke the Sonar VS install.
If that is how it is working on your system - you likely don't have SONAR VS installed yet - you just think you installed it with the Production Pack - but didn't.  
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Re:Another novice with novice questions. 2012/02/20 00:50:34 (permalink) ☄ Helpful
wierd, you should have the install wizard show up when you run disc in your drive , then it walks you through and asks you if you want desktop icons created for shortcut to sonar vs, have you installed the vs production pack , or just the drivers? you should have 2 disks , 1 is your drivers for your audio and 2 is your VS production pack , basically the production pack is your studio hardware , drums basses, synths etc... check your programs in your c drive , make sure they are installing , try again to install VS production pack disc, are you clicking SAVE or RUN when your disc is inserted? you want to SAVE when asked , and then install wizard should pop up and take you step by step,
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Re:Another novice with novice questions. 2012/02/20 16:42:00 (permalink)
thanks folks! I got it working. It seems that I was canceling the install of the production pack (don't ask me how) I now am fully functional.

Another question... what would be an appropriate laptop/desktop to run the vs100 and software?

I am currently on an AMD (core duo equivalent) at, I believe 2.1 ghz, w/3 gb ram.

Is this powerful enough? I plan on doing most of my recording at home, would I be better off with a desktop in regards to saving money and getting a little more power for my dollar? What systems do you all run on? 

Also, recommendations for midi controllers, etc?
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Re:Another novice with novice questions. 2012/02/21 11:53:14 (permalink)
hey fridge, glad you're up and going. i'm no computer "geek" by any stretch, but from the little i've read about it, intel processors are favorable for audio applications (why? i don't know). also, if you plan to do any recording away from home, a laptop will allow for the vstudio to be fully functional, otherwise it is quite limited as a stand alone compared to what you'd be accustomed to when it's connected to computer (no multi-track and only one stereo output, no plugins, etc).

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Re:Another novice with novice questions. 2012/02/22 06:38:16 (permalink)
M@ B processors are favorable for audio applications (why? i don't know)
It's a vicious circle, really.
Intel processors are favoured because they are more popular, hence more testing gets done on them. There's nothing inherently wrong with any other brand of processors. 
Audio software, by it's nature, pushes the hardware to its limits, so minor quirks and differences between processors and motherboards that wouldn't affect business software can be fatal to a DAW or soft synth.  Games developers have similar problems, but generally they have a bigger market and can afford more testing on different hardware.   Music software developers tend to use Intel processors when developing, so their software is more likely to run without issue on those processors, so more musicians buy PCs with Intel processors, so developers are even more likely to develop and test on Intel processors, etc.
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