voices of passion

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2008/09/08 10:39:13 (permalink)

voices of passion

Hello all,

I have sonar 7 producer edition with latest patches. I recently purchased "Voices of Passion." It is running so far as only a stand alone from my desktop. I want it to run as a plug in. I tried running it through sonar, but sonar is not finding it. It uses the PLAY engine. When I go to "insert" PLAY into my sonar track, nothing shows up on the vst insert list, even though in the "add" vst/dx/etc. section of sonar it is there. Maybe I should just delete and reinstall? Any suggestions?

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    RE: voices of passion 2008/09/08 11:04:59 (permalink)
    Open Tools -> Cakewalk Plugin Manager. Does VoP show up under VST Instruments and/or DirectX Instruments?

    If not, re-scan plugins (click the "Scan VST Plug-ins" button) and see if it gets picked up.

    If it's still not there, maybe you didn't install the VST version, or EW installed it somewhere other than \program files\cakewalk\vstplugins. Run a search on your C: drive and locate the DLL, which is probably named something like "Voices of Passion.dll".

    (I don't have VoP, but I have Drumkit from Hell, another EastWest/PLAY engine product, and its DLL is named "Drumkit From Hell 2VST.dll" The DXi version is \program files\east west\drumkit from hell 2\dxi\drumkit from hell 2DXi.dll".)

    If you locate the DXi version, you can register it manually. Open a DOS window and go to the directory where it's located, and type in "REGSVR32 filename.dll", substituting the actual file name for "filename.dll".

    If you locate the VST version, and it's not in \program files\cakewalk\vstplugins, open the Plugin Manager in SONAR and add the folder to SONAR's VST scan path. Click on the "Options" button to get to the dialog.

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    RE: voices of passion 2008/09/08 22:46:45 (permalink)
    I have VoP and Sonar did find it. As bitflipper said, make sure the plug manager is scanning where you have the VST file, then look for it under VST instruments in the plug manager to make sure it is there.

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    RE: voices of passion 2008/09/09 05:20:07 (permalink)
    Make sure you're running the latest version, which you can download from the soundsonline.com website.

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