Bass Fret Noise Wave Arts MRClick

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2009/09/17 02:27:18 (permalink)

Bass Fret Noise Wave Arts MRClick

I had a friend of mine replace the bass on a song I am currently working on.  I have a really good take with the exception of some fret noise on a few notes.  The fret noise pokes out through the vocal as a percussive or clicking sound.  After reviewing a boat-load of old posts on the topic, the recommendation seems to be to either manually edit them or use OzoneRX.  OzoneRx is fairly price-y so I was looking around for something less expensive (unfortunately, I always have to concern myself with a budget).
I tried the demo of Wave Arts MR Click, and only enabled the "Crackle" function.  It seems to have solved my problem.
Wave Arts offers the MR Click as a plugin separate from its restoration suite for $99, substantially less expensive than OzoneRx.  Is there anything else I can be looking at?   
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    Re:Bass Fret Noise Wave Arts MRClick 2009/09/17 15:53:58 (permalink)
    FingerEase for preventing the squeaks and good ol' volume automation for dealing with them after the fact.  If you checked the forums you maybe already saw my thread here:
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    Re:Bass Fret Noise Wave Arts MRClick 2009/09/17 23:03:32 (permalink)
    If it's just a few notes then hand editing them is usually the best bet. I just zoom in close grab a piece of the time line or split the clip and use process audio gain. One thing, I've found is that reducing the clearly obnoxious stuff is usually the better method than cutting it out completely. It sounds more natural to my ears.

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