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Code of Conduct

Welcome to the Cakewalk Forums! These forums have a reputation of providing a friendly environment to get help with Cakewalk products, discuss ideas, and connect with other members. Much of this is because our members treat each other with respect and courtesy, and we are dedicated to continuing this tradition.
We do have some general guidelines, which are designed to create a friendly and inviting forum environment.
Copyrighted Material
Please do not post any material that is protected by copyright, trademark or other proprietary right unless you have the written permission of their owner(s).
Racial, Sexual, Political and Religious Discussion
We are a large, diverse community and our primary interest is music, technology, and artistic expression. We welcome all kinds of people, and don’t want to bring the divisions of the outside world into our forums. There are thousands of places on the internet to discuss race, sex, politics, and religion; this is not one of them. Threads on these topics will be deleted.
Flaming, Bashing, and Trolling and All Personal Attacks
To retain the character of our forums, it is crucial to treat others with respect and dignity. Deciding what is or is not a personal attack is often a judgement call, but if in the opinion of a forum host a post or thread represents flaming, trolling, or personal attacks, it will be deleted. Those who repeatedly use these forums as a venue for personal vendettas or agendas will be banned.
Offensive Language and Adult Content
These forums are fortunate to include users of all age groups and beliefs, including children (there are no age limits on registration). Profanity and any other language considered offensive to our diverse membership is not allowed. Please refrain from sexual references; any non-PG13 images will be removed, and the user warned or banned.
Spam and Flooding
Posting senseless, inane, or empty messages to increase your post count, or simply to aggravate, is not only dumb but is not allowed. “Flooding” (continually posting the same topic on a particular board, posting the same question across several forums, or posting an unreasonable number of threads in one day) is also not going to win you any friends and could result in a banning.
Commercial Purposes
These forums are not for commercial purposes. Advertising and promotions are not appropriate; however links to 3rd party websites are allowed if they pertain directly to the discussion topic. It’s also allowed to post links to special deals or offers if they’re posted in the appropriate 'deals' sub-forum.
Piracy and Warez
Linking or giving information about any site that distributes illegal software, seeking help in circumventing copyright laws, posting serial numbers or other registration keys, possessing or distributing illegal copyrighted material, or encouraging software or media piracy are all grounds for immediate account termination. If you believe infringements have occurred, including infringements of your own intellectual properly, please notify the forum’s host immediately.
Impersonating Other Users, Accessing Another User's Account, Holding Multiple Usernames
Your privacy is important to us. Anyone impersonating another member, attempting to access someone else’s account, or creating multiple accounts for the purpose of stalking, trolling, harassing or spamming will be banned. Also, Cakewalk strongly discourages having multiple user names.
Off-Topic Posts
There are many forums available for discussion, each with a specific focus. If necessary, we’ll move off-topic posts to the proper forum.
Forum etiquette - a brief guide
When joining a conversation or starting a new topic please consider the following pro posting tips.
1] Read the handbooks for that particular forum/area first. It's very likely it may include helpful suggestions to make sure your post get attention.
2] We have lots of forums to keep the community organized. Posting in the appropriate forum makes it more likely questions will be answered, and make it easier for others to find helpful information.
3] There are human beings with real feelings behind the pixels on your screen. When posting, don't say anything you wouldn't say to someone’s face in real life.
4] Please, don't post in all capital letters—it's the internet equivalent of yelling.
5] Constructive feedback takes conversations to a higher level. "Have you considered bringing it down a bit between 8kHz and 12kHz" is much more helpful than "My ears are bleeding, dude."
6] The drapes should match the curtains. If the content of your post is about a Cakewalk product, the subject should reflect that. If the subject is "I CAN'T GET THIS THING TO WORK", community members will think you are yelling at them because you can't figure something out. Consider using a more specific subject like "How do I get audio playback?" or "How do I open the Matrix View?" The better and more descriptive the topic heading, the better the odds of getting helpful answers.
7] Although the members of this forum love to be helpful, don’t take advantage of their good nature. Look for previous answers in the forums, in documentation, or in search engines as it’s very likely your question has already been answered and you can find a reply within seconds.

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