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Jesse G
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Re: Magix Announces ACID Pro 8 2018/12/13 05:33:07 (permalink)
P5 v2.5 was heavily compared to Ableton Live back then, and I thought it was much better myself.  The Workflow was very simple and fast to use.  I owed Sonar at the time too, but preferred to create music in P5 and then export to Sonar to mix it.
I wish Cakewalk had never stopped supporting/developing Project 5

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Re: Magix Announces ACID Pro 8 2018/12/13 21:30:06 (permalink)
Jesse G
I wish Cakewalk had never stopped supporting/developing Project 5

True that!  If it was because Cakewalk needed to maintain focus on Sonar, it could have been much better to spin P5 off and let another company develop it, than to just bury it.  I recall a thread years ago with a few comments from the dev team that there were issues with the P5 code that would have made it a major project to multi-thread it and upgrade to 64-bit.  So they just took a few parts from it over to Sonar and called it a day.
In hindsight, it appears that adding audio to P5 was really just creating another DAW, and not just simply a MIDI soft synth workstation. So in all probability it was developing identity issues with product managers and marketing, although it was technically an amazing product.
But I think that simple production approach of P5 was really more productive for many people to create with, instead of a massive be all, do everything DAW.
I assume BandLab probably acquired the IP for Project5, along with the other Cakewalk legacy IP.  Hopefully they will realize its potential and bring it back to life!

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Re: Magix Announces ACID Pro 8 2018/12/16 17:17:25 (permalink) ☄ Helpfulby abacab 2018/12/16 22:22:21
I hate to say it folks ,
P5 never seemed to gain traction with most SONAR users even during The Golden Era of P 5 .
The truth is P5  was a hard sell on a lot of levels to many SONAR users .
To P 5 's credit the cost was low and it had features out the Kazoo .Yet , I know first hand that most SONAR users couldn't wrap their heads around learning P 5 ....nor could they see the benefit of using P 5 over their beloved SONAR.
I have no idea how well P 5 did outside of the SONAR Eco system in The Wild .
FWIW , that is my take on it . Some of my history w P 5 .
I was a proud and vocal user of P 5 . I started using P5 around late 2005 , I liked it so much I tried when ever I could and did my best to hip people and SONAR users to P 5.
The Project 5 section of the Cakewalk Forum was one of my favorite sections of this forum .
The P5 section of the forum was vibrant and it consisted of many very talented musicians that were hard core P 5 users.
Although I loved and used P 5 a lot I never considered myself an expert on P 5 . It was quite the opposite because I learned a lot from many of the forums active P 5 users.
Some people were putting out tunes made in P 5 like crazy over there .
We even had a very large list of tunes composed , performed , and made ( solely in some cases ) in P 5 listed by artist.
Speaking historically , it all went bye bye over a period of time  .
I have been vocal in the past about my feelings and experiences concerning P 5's fate  ...
It just gets real old taking about it because the people that could do something about P 5  don't.
In my case I do have P5 on one of my Win 10 64 bit lap tops .
My experience using P5 on that computer is this . P5 runs circles around what I had performance wise when I was using my XP DAW / dedicated music computer .
I mean lets face it 10 , 11 , 12 years onward from P5 s time of hardware to now where we now have more robust computers plays into that heavy ...
I don't use P5 all that often these days , but P 5 with all the unlocked stuff from SONAR and much of my 3 rd party synths and plugs is a true joy to behold ...
It is scary good at how robust P5 still is considering how much time has passed ...

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