P5 Or reasons.2.5, Can P5 2.0 Survive?

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RE: P5 Or reasons.2.5, Can P5 2.0 Survive? 2005/02/16 01:45:57 (permalink)
I don't think you understand what I was trying to say. The combinator does allow you to create patches of chains of effects and instruments combinations which you can then use later. It also comes with preset patches. It does exactly what you are talking about with track patches unless I am severely misunderstanding the concept of track patches (and I don't think that I am).

Anyway, I didn't write the post to try to convince P5 users to switch to Reason. I was trying to elminate some incorrect info from being spread.

I'm not sure why people love to compare programs like FL Studio and P5 to Reason. FL and P5 are very different from Reason. If you want a big host application to use a variety of different plugins and such, then go for either FL or P5. Reason is an extremely different and unique tool and its self containment is the reason it is able to offer some things that the others don't. The wiring in the back (both audio and CV signals) is the main reason Reason is very cool (and the reason plugins would not work with the rest of the Reason machines). If you like to experiment and make new sounds, then Reason is really where its at. If you think turning the rack around and playing with wires is a hassle, then you are missing the point of Reason. You can always use it within a host app like FL or Sonar, too. If you love VST and DX, I don't blame anyone for picking something other than Reason if they're looking for a main sequencer. These apps really shouldn't be compared, in my opinion.

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RE: P5 Or reasons.2.5, Can P5 2.0 Survive? 2005/02/16 04:04:48 (permalink)
We all know what Combinator can do, I've read the details on the props website and seen the video demo's. I still think it's more tedious to make new sounds with than P5. If you can layer,split and record multiple VST / DXi instruments in your tunes plus save your track setups with a click of a button, it makes P5 a lot more easier to work with and to create new complex sounds which will always be more advanced than Reason. Believe me, layering Absynth with samples and other instruments is just awesome or playing a detailed 1Gb acoustic piano sound with Mach 5, just wonderful. Having all these top quality instruments under one host which is so easy to use. Makes a lot of sense to me.
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RE: P5 Or reasons.2.5, Can P5 2.0 Survive? 2005/02/26 11:38:51 (permalink)
ORIGINAL: collieweed

p5 1.5 is the hands down clear winner. in the article i wrote almost a year ago where i compared p5 1.0 to reason 2.5 p5 was the winner. Now that p5 1.5 is out it clearly has an enormous lead. The big reason why???/ Its open to third party plugins.
VST instruments such as Native Instruments REAKTOR have sounds that blow away anything reason has to offer and you cant import VST's. So your stuck using there lowbudget effects, synths etc. You could run reason via rewire but than you might as well use p5 as it is much simpler and faster.

Agreed. If Propellerheads sold Subtractor as a VST, would anyone buy it? No. NNXT? Well maybe due to the large library. Malstrom would probably sell a little too. But what could they even charge for these. They may want to look into it though for an alternative source tof revenue to Reason...I think Reason 3 may well be DOA.

But the point is that it would suck for me to be limited to those instruments...and rewiring Reason to use one or two things is not going to happen when it is easier to just run P5...and then rewire P% to Sonar later when time to track.
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