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Re: Studio One Version 4.0.1 Released 2018/07/18 16:58:19 (permalink) ☄ Helpfulby abacab 2018/07/18 22:49:43
I don't get it. 
What does this have to do with Cakewalk by BandLab.  I come here to learn more about the daw that I use and would think that this would be more appropriate in the Presonus site.  I would certainly go there if I had any interest in learning about it instead of this site where I learn about the daw I DO use.

Not that complicated. When this forum was created, Cakewalk’s previous owner allowed a space to discuss other products. Bandlab has continued that tradition.

Here's how this has developed.  It's really simplez.
Those of us that you see posting about other DAWs were also long time Cake users.  This place and the other members are familiar friends.  And some of us still have our Cake software installed too.
What better perspective to share here than as a long time Cake user that is now experiencing other DAWs?
Is it supposed to be like a divorce after 20 years of marriage where you have to leave your common acquaintances behind?
Once I've been a Studio One user for 20 years, then switch to a different DAW, I will certainly tell my long time acquaintances at the SO forums about my experience.

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Re: Studio One Version 4.0.1 Released 2018/07/18 17:15:51 (permalink) ☄ Helpfulby BobF 2018/07/18 17:40:38
Perfect.  I totally understand having a section called Other Products Discussions.  Makes sense to me.  Just would expect it to be in a designated let's all discuss this if you're interested area.

You have obviously clicked on the wrong forum!  Understandable, but please go back up to the top and read this forum description.
This here is the Studio forum, sub-forum titled "Software".
Discussion focused on non-Cakewalk music software

I log into this forum several times a day and always peruse to find things that others have experienced with Cakewalk by BandLab.

You will find those discussions under the forum category "Cakewalk Products"

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Re: Studio One Version 4.0.1 Released 2018/07/18 18:49:45 (permalink) ☄ Helpfulby abacab 2018/07/18 22:49:12
As stated above... This is the software forum... NON-CAKEWALK discussions
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Re: Studio One Version 4.0.1 Released 2018/07/19 16:20:24 (permalink)
Thanks for defending this thread I always considered this forum a central point for learning about software updates for music production software from any vendor- similar to the deals forum.  I am a long time Sonar user but I also use other DAWs depending on the project. Nov 17 2017 was a bad day but it will be an even worse day when these forums go away.
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Re: Studio One Version 4.0.1 Released 2018/07/19 19:00:20 (permalink) ☄ Helpfulby abacab 2018/07/19 21:49:17
This Software forum and the Deals forum are THE most helpful forums ANYWHERE. This...from a long time Presonus guy, who didn’t even use Sonar as a backup until Bandlab version.
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