Windows 7 tweaks for audio

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2011/04/24 13:54:53 (permalink)

Windows 7 tweaks for audio


What tweaks (if any) have you performed on your windows 7 x64 computer to optimise it for audio?

I've done the usual tricks, set background service priority, unable usb and HD power off when idle, set power management to higest performance and disabled sleep.

I've also done some more exotic tweaks like disable core parking (according to this post: ), diabled indexing and maybe some other that I don't recall right now.

Should I do something else? Or is there anything I shouldn't have done?

Right now I,m experiencing several issues, the more frequent one is when I close Sonar the console hang and I have to reboot Sonar to initialize it.  

It usually disable my ASIO drivers and unassign my midi devices, getting annoying error messages at startup about inexisting outputs, unavailible Fantom, ARX (there's ARX-01 installed), and midi not set correctly. 

If I close the I/O, the console and reboot them Windows do not even detect it and say there's no audio device until I reboot the entire system.  Sometimes Windows even reinstall the vs700r drivers and always fail installing VS700-M2 or something like that.

Also, since I use the 1/4 sub out as my main monitor output, I set it to default in Windows but for no apearant reasons it switch back to MAIN sporadically...

So the bottom line is: what I'm I doing wrong? Anyone experiencing this? Is my computer the problem? If so, I'll GLADLY  throw it out the window!   Here it is by the way:

Windows HD: Intel 80gig SSD
Motherboard: Asus P5N-E SLI
CPU: Intel Q6600
Video card: NVidia 8400gs PCI-E
Ram: 2x 1gig Kingston Hyper-X and 2x2 gig generic Kingston, all DDR-2
Sufficiant PSU

If someone is having success with a similar setup please let me know!!!


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    Re:Windows 7 tweaks for audio 2011/05/22 05:25:25 (permalink)
    I have the same issue with win7 changing back to MAIN. My monitors are also connected to the SUB path.

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