idea for layering unit plug in

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2016/10/21 03:51:18 (permalink)

idea for layering unit plug in

initially i wrote my point to "Sonar really needs a sampler topic".
however as i finished i thought that this sounds like separate idea
so i am posting this here as well:
i don't think that Cakewalk should join samplers race.
however it would be for sure interesting if kind of new
approach is introduced.
lets say that you have some track (Track A) with some melody
(no matter - audio or midi/synth).
it would be awesome to have ability to add custom layering
to that track with help of DAW itself.
so lets say that workflow is this one:
1. create new audio Track B
2. send copy of Track A to Track B
3. put XXXX plug in FX bin of Track B
4. set the plug up so that each sound that
comes within certain range of amplitude
triggers MIDI message about certain note
with certain velocity being played.
(note is automatically determined of cause)
in theory this plug may allow you to make more than
one such layer. so lets imagine there may be 16 of them
5. for each layer you create instrument track.
make Enable Midi input and assign input as one of layers
outputs tracks.
6. process and mix these layer tracks just as you want
i don't know if i described an idea that well but consider this
XXXX plug as a kind of "Drum Replacement idea" being
developed in more extended way.
to me this could look like much better alternative to "what
Cakewalk could do" comparing to sampler.
there are lots of samplers out there. but i believe there is
no powerful layering unit there and this is the area where
Cakewalk could benefit. (this could even be ProChannel plug
i guess).
so as example:
lets say you recorded some piano track.
then with help of the XXXX layering plug you:
* add slight brass accent sound to most loud notes
* add some pad-like atmospheric sounds when there are notes playing in C3 octave (but transpose them up by 2 octaves)
* add double bass pizzicato to notes in lowest octave when they are very quiet 
* and so on
this is just an example of cause, but imho there could be just endless
possibilities and ways for creativity there.
so i will try to summarize a bit my idea:
* a plugin that analyses incoming audio stream and outputs midi messages
* various types of analysis base (amplitude ranges, frequency ranges, scales, time ranges etc)
* various types of midi output options (swing, transpose, randomize, rythmic and so on)
* ability to add as many layers as you want (but i believe 16 would be just enough :))
i think this could be a killer unit in terms of arrangement.
(and we can leave playing sounds to samplers/synths).

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    Re: idea for layering unit plug in 2016/11/01 00:09:35 (permalink)
    I've had a little trouble getting my head around your vision for this.  Can I try to restate it to see if I understand?  Just correct me where I'm wrong.
    You'd like to be able to playback audio and bus it to as many as 16 additional tracks which could individually analyze/process that signal to generate MIDI (notes and/or control signals) for separately selected MIDI plugins.  Does that sound like what you had in mind?
    If it is, the drum replacer engine might be able to address the basics, but it would have to be transformed from a region effect (which would only work on the source track, right?) but would also have the ability to host plugins rather than being dedicated to triggering a few specific data types.

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