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Re: itching itching itching 2018/11/21 23:51:44 (permalink)
Thanks Wibbles for your thoughts  Curious about what kind of pain the smoked weed is helping you with  There is good evidence that pot can even help with children epilepsy  I may be wrong (John help me out on this if you are out there) but you can get pure THC in a pill if the doctor will write for it  Evidently has been around for over 20 years The purpose is for creating appetite munchies like for those with HIV and wasting away
Does anyone know if the edible CBD treats reduce pain without causing you to get blasted  Was good fun back in the days of drugs, sex, rock and roll but dont know how much I can take in my twilight years  Couple shots of tequila about as much psychedelic trip as I can invest in any more
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Re: itching itching itching 2018/11/22 01:15:22 (permalink)
I use it in addition to prescription medications. I'm at the cusp at where the side-effects of those outweigh the benefits. They really help, but don't go all the way. So it provides me with a good reason to do what I enjoyed doing anyway. 
I smoke cannabis to help control muscle spasms, and for both neuropathic pain and muscular/skeletal pain (not all the spasms are controlled). And I find the side-effects make dealing with chronic pain easier - it hurts, but at least I can have a good giggle about it. 
I've avoided eating it for well over 20 years. I found it too unpredictable and the effects could be unpleasantly over-intense. I'm in total ignorance as to whether there are any edibles with the psychoactive compounds removed.
Perhaps see how your current regime works out in the next week or two before monging out on space cakes.
The problem with taking or breeding compounds out of the plant is that cannabis has over 40 different active compounds (various different THC and CBD compounds and so on) and researchers are still learning about which compound has what effect. 
With regard to children with epilepsy, there have been a couple of high-profile cases in the UK where cannabis oil has been shown to help children with severe epilepsy where other treatments haven't worked. It has even led to a minor change in law to allow licences for its use in highly restricted circumstances. It's a very small step in the right direction.

I'm off to see the Wibble, the wonderful Wibble of Wobble
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