Console Emulator module

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2012/10/06 01:39:39 (permalink)

Console Emulator module

I've had no luck searching net for some video tutorials on the Console Emulator module, can anyone give me some links please? 


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    Re:Console Emulator module 2012/10/06 02:17:10 (permalink)
    Just turn it on and crank it up! 
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    Re:Console Emulator module 2012/10/06 03:27:33 (permalink)

    Just turn it on and crank it up! 

    Well... I don't think I'd crank it up. Your mileage may vary.

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    Re:Console Emulator module 2012/10/06 04:00:19 (permalink)

    Put the Channel version of the Console Emulator on individual tracks AND also put the Bus version on the buses and on the Master; adjust to taste.  I find that when all tracks have it and all the buses and master has one on them, then it is easy to hear it, adjust it up or down to taste; turn on the tolerance as that gives each of the instances (on the different tracks) its own slight variance and that gives the sum of it all some character.  Here is a thread that is a few days old in which the placement of the Console Emulator on tracks was discussed: .

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